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"Techniques and methods may change...
But principles and human nature
Never do."
“Producing Case Studies That Boost Your Credibility”
Effective Case Studies Solidify Your Credibility
By Presenting Your Story As Seen
Through Your Customer's Eyes and Experience.
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A few firms I've done projects and provided services for:
Hewlett-Packard Logo
Hewlett-Packard Company
Electronic instruments &
Micro-electronic devices:
Manufacturing & test engineering (10 years).
Computers: Online help systems design & implementation, Hardware & software plus Unix operating-system reference manuals & learning-products engineering (20 years).

Richard Gage & Assoc.
Attorneys at Law,
Complete turn-key web projects: Website planning and design, custom XHTML and CSS programming, market positioning, and copywriting.
These websites load faster than 99% of all sites tested by ''.

Street Hypnosis Logo
Street Hypnosis
Igor Ledochowski & Clifford Mee
Large project: Dozens of emails for world-wide, online marketing of their popular hypnosis-based, self- improvement products and programs.

Ensign Power Systems Inc. Logo
Ensign Power Systems, Inc.
Installation, Operating, And Maintenance manuals for custom high-reliability, military power supplies sold to US and foreign governments.

Settlement Professionals Inc. Logo
Settlement Professionals Inc.
Special report used by a financial planning firm to market their services related to structuring and managing personal-injury settlement funding.

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Elite Lawyer
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Elite Lawyer Project
Your Personal Injury Resource Center

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Want a better way to persuade prospects?

Stronger than testimonials...
Well presented case studies:

  • Solve your prospect's problem,
  • Defeat marketing hype,
  • Solidify your credibility

I help you boost your credibility
With powerful case studies

Today's B2B prospects and buyers are busy, especially in a tight economy where company downsizing and streamlining puts them under increased pressure to get a lot more done in less time with fewer resources.

They're also buried in information and noise from advertisers and marketers competing against each other for very scarce attention.

But they're also hungry for guidance and assistance in making smarter decisions as they seek out and buy solutions to the many challenges they face — especially C-suite executives and other major decision makers.

That's why, in their quest for better decisions with less time spent studying alternatives, they often turn to others who have already successfully handled similar problems.

You can help them in that quest when you provide them with a pertinent case study showing how someone else has done something similar with a product or service they obtained from you.

You win too by defeating testimonial cynicism

There's another benefit for you when you use case studies in your marketing strategies:

Today's prospects are increasingly cynical about testimonials in advertising materials and on websites. Too many testimonials in marketing materials and on websites are either fictitious fabrications, or so poorly presented that they lack credibility.

I can help you deliver a powerful counter-punch to overcome that "testimonial resistance" with well-written, professional case studies to fit the interests and concerns of your B2B prospects and customers, written and structured from their perspective, making you look a lot smarter to them.

You escape coming across as some clueless sales person trying to push a deal through.

They'll appreciate your helpfulness as you show them practical ways to solve their problem, while also revealing the challenges or other issues that came up during their relationship with you as they implemented your product or service in their business. This "real-world" approach to telling their story adds credibility to you because you're exposing your own willingness to help them make it a success in those situations where things often don't go perfectly.

Why me?

I'm Clarke Echols, and I've been creating written materials for B2B use for four decades. As an engineer, building contractor, retail store owner, and manufacturer in my own businesses alongside my 30 years of corporate employment, I bring a broad perspective to my work that few writers have or even have access to.

For your case studies to be credible to your prospects and customers, they must be skillfully written, with accurate presentation by a writer who understands your reader's point of view. But also a writer who knows how to move from role to role and perspective to perspective.

That's because the writing has to accurately represent your company, the customer who is the subject of the case study, and the point of view of your prospect or customer. Very few writers can do that well.

Your prospect wants to solve his or her problem — not be subjected to a "look how great we are" sales pitch that is so common among marketers who too often have never been in sales. I've been involved in sales with real customers (my own) in both B2B and B2C for more than a quarter century. You learn things doing that that aren't taught in school by professors, most of whom haven't done it.

So how does than help you? A well-written case study breaks down walls of sales resistance and draws prospects and customers toward you because you're already helping them solve their problem before they even spend a dime.

And that helps position your product, services, and company at a higher level in their mind. You gain a big advantage against your competition who are fighting over the crumbs, because they didn't provide the perceived value before you did.

I write what others can't, with the advantage that comes from a lifetime of immersion in many trades and professions, business, and extended areas of life that many avoid out of fear or unwillingness to step outside their comfort zone.

And don't forget: I was a senior writer before a lot of today's copywriters were even born.

Let's Talk

If you need one or more case studies in your marketing, I can help you with that.

Just let me know.

By phone or email — Contact information:

Clarke Echols
1579 S. Taft Ave.
Loveland, CO 80537
(970) 667-6736